Para Clinics

Created at: 2 November 2022 11:16:34 AM


The pharmacy unit started working around the clock at the same time as the hospital was established. The purpose of this department is to prepare and distribute all the drugs needed by different departments of the hospital as well as single prescription drugs for emergency patients and departments.


The imaging center of Allameh Bohlool Hospital, with the best and most advanced imaging equipment, has provided suitable conditions for cooperation with respected clinical doctors in the diagnosis of diseases. By providing comprehensive and accurate services around the clock and in the field of medical imaging in radiology, CT scan, ultrasound and mammography departments, this center is trying to meet the needs of the clients and patients with their satisfaction. Provide.

One of the unique features of the imaging center is having new and modern imaging devices with advanced facilities. Also, this center is among the centers that perform all imaging protocols completely; While in other centers, due to saving time and money, part of the protocol is not implemented.


The laboratory of Allameh Bohlool hospital is ready to serve the respected clients every day by using expert doctors (laboratory science, pathobiology, immunology, microbiology, etc.) All routine and specialized tests are done in this laboratory and the answer is announced to patients and clients in the shortest possible time.

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