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Communicating by phone or e-mail before going to the hospital so that, if necessary, according to the type of illness, the necessary consultations are done and the reservation of the patient's treatment is determined in advance, and the approximate cost of the treatment is estimated and announced to the patient before the trip. be.

Coordination with the attending physician and all hospital units such as inpatient department, operating room, financial affairs is done to facilitate the patient's treatment process.
Attention and companionship: Due to the presence of translators who are fluent in different languages, you will not have any problem to communicate. Translators fluent in different languages ​​are present by your side in all stages.
Travel tours: Considering the tourist attractions of the region, Allameh Bohlool Hospital provides these conditions so that you can have a memorable and memorable trip to the historical and cultural areas and natural attractions of the region by participating in attractive tours.

The IPD expert is located on the ground floor, and for easier communication, you can call the International Patient Affairs Unit at 05157236833.

Mrs.Mokhtari Marzieh

IPD Expert

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