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26 December 2022 07:24:04 AM

In order to obtain the IPD license of Allameh Bohlool Gonabadi Hospital, Dr. Tarjoman Rais and Ms. Naghdi, an expert from the Department of Health Tourism of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, visited the various departments and facilities of this hospital. More...

3 December 2022 08:04:53 AM

Nurse's Day

11 June 2022 09:59:58 PM

What is the medical tourism?

16 January 2022 09:12:03 AM

About Gonabad

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Address: Gonabad, Bohlool Hospital, Saadi street, Parastar blvd. Postal Code: 96917-97852
TelePhone: +98-051-57236833, +98-051-57236832
Fax: 051-57236160

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